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There are about 3500 kind of cockroaches all over the world , and the cockroach is classifies as one of the bitten insects as it uses his anterior jaws which called the grinding jaws to shred , cut and chew food also there are a pair of jaws which are less strong than the anterior jaws and they called the backward jaws and it uses in treating with food and pushing it to Hypo larynx and it also has two lips and the upper lip is a cover overhangs down above the parts of the mouth covering the moth from the anterior side and the upper lip covers the mouth from backward .

The sound of cockroach is called Arirand the cockroach is heard through hairs on its analhorns ( a pair of tentacles exist in the last ring of the belly rings .


Phases of Cockroach transformation :

It has three phases and they are the egg then transition phase then the larvae .

The cockroach has the ability to eat everything from dust to cake also from wood to plastic also he can confine his breath for 40 minutes to escape for better position and when it decides to escape , it has excellent methods for carrying out this task as it runs with a large speed estimated with five km per hour , and it can compress its size and enter from a gap which does not exceed 15 mm , also the running in a tube which its dimension does not exceed 5 mm , also it is capable of living in all areas including the rain forests to dry deserts and from polar regions to warm houses , and there are only 20 kind of cockroaches prefer to live at houses , some of them had transmitted ton new contents through the loading vessels and when necessary it fasts on food for three months and on water for two weeks also it has amazing mechanisms to survive itself , it for instance has a strong smell taste predicting the coming of any creature when it is on its hidden place and if any one gets out before its presence , it will feel its existence because of the small amount of scent which he left backward , also it has a rare sense for undulations which happened in the air and if you lift your foot to run over it , that will compress the air during descending the foot , so the cockroach will feel that something heavy will drop on , thus it will escape with a blink of an eye .


Some types of cockroaches :

- The German cockroach :

The characteristics : the length from 12 : 16 mm , oblate , brown and pale , and on its interior pectoral shield  two longitudinal parallel lines .

The environment : the cockroaches are hiding between things such as paper  , wooden and plastic boxes , and between the papers of walls , cupboards of kitchens , crevices , the holes of ceramic and electricity , the wood of doors , windows and the others in daylight and turned to German cockroach at night between foods , favorites , pots and instruments in storing positions and then preparing the food in houses , hotels , restaurants , cafes , touristic and commercial vessels , all phases is distinguished by gathering as a result of the existing of gathering attractive or hormone in feces and the surface of the body


the life cycle :

  • The female is putting during its life period about from ( 200 – 300 ) individual and between ( 4 : 6 ) vessels of eggs .
  • The eggs located inside the vessel or tablet which contains ( 30 – 50 ) egg which the female bears them (  2 : 14 ) day and stuck it till the appointment of the a appearance of nymphs .
  • The adult cockroach and the nymphs are existed in the same environment , the German cockroach lives for a period range , from ( 2 : 3 ) months .
  • The American cockroach :


The characteristics :

The length of American cockroach reached from ( 30 : 40 ) mm , oblate , brown and dark wings which in female is shorter than male , also the interior pectoral shield does not have two longitudinal lines .


The environment :

It is usually hide in daylight and always wanders in the evening and fly sometimes .

It prefers the wet  environment such as sewage , utilities , black wells and dark places .

All phases is distinguished of gathering as a result of the existing of gathering attractive or hormone in faces and in the surface of the body .


The life cycle :

The female is putting during its life period about from ( 200 : 300 ) individual and about 90 vessels of eggs .

The female bears the vessel of eggs , which contains about from (16 -18 ) egg for the period of four days and hiding them between things and wet crevices .

The nymphs is similar to the adult cockroach but it is non winged and the genitals are incomplete and the incubation period is between ( 32 : 53 ) days according to the temperature and moisture .

The American cockroach is living for a period between ( 3 – 9 ) months .

*  The brown scheme cockroach :


The life cycle :

The female is putting the eggs into a tablet contains from  ( 13 : 18 ) eggs and the female is always sticking the eggs with mucilaginous material in a distant places away of sight such as furniture , tanks and frame of walls photos  , behind the walls and ceilings .

The eggs will hatch after about 50 days of the life cycle lasts 6 months , the female puts all over its life about  14 eggs tablet and about 250 cockroach and the nymphs passes with alienation phases reaches from ( 6 : 8 ) alienation phase .

The males are flying after feeling with fear and panic as dryness for egg bags and attaching the fungi and some predators because of the long period of hatching the eggs which reached to 50 days and the eggs will be stuck with mucilaginous material , and the production of nymphs with less percentage by the German cockroach .

The Eastern Cockroach


The female is putting the eggs inside tablet which contains 16 eggs about 18 bag of eggs during the period of life and after two days of producing eggs the female will put the eggs in a distant places far from sight with available food , then the eggs will hatch after two monthly to nymphs  .

These nymphs become more activity at spring till the mid of summer and the adult whole  insects will appear naturally within the month of August – During the autumn the individuals of the whole insects appear lonely , and a dryness  to the bags to the bags will occur and attaching fungi and predators  and eating eggs by other insects and birds when the food is unavailable .


The behavior and The environment :

This type of cockroach is less carful than other types and sensitive for the less water and it prefers the cold and dark places more than other kind of cockroaches and it is found a lot between places and roads between dust  , furniture and under the walking roads , inside the pipes of healthy drainage and ground sinks and wet , cold places under rubbish bins , the most high activity period in spring from ( 1 : 2 ) month .

The methods of controlling cockroaches  :

The protective control :

  • The general cleaning and the disposal of food materials and waters inside vessels and bugs which closed tightly .
  • Organizing the substances that stored in kitchens and it is preferable to deposit them inside clean cupboards and stories , and putting into consideration that it will not contain any places or gaps which are difficult to clean , also it is necessary to put the nutrition materials inside arranged vessels or bags with making sure of the non spill or any existence of sticks .
  • That may attract cockroach and it is preferable to put a layer of galvanized metal or Aluminum or Formica on wooden cupboards especially which found beside the basins and the sources of wate in order to prevent the cracking of it because of water and the resort of cockroaches to it .
  • Taking care of wooden garmenting  and the stories of kitchens , the rubber connections of electric instruments and the frames of doors .
  • It is preferable to put the cupboards and stores of kitchens , stoves , electric , instruments such as fridges and washing machines on  high rules on floors to ease cleaning beside and under it and processing the operation of control .
  • Filling all crevices and gaps exist in floors , walls , doors , windows and around the land and the tubs of drainage , heating , ventilation and insides .
  • Installing suitable refineries or stoppers on the connection holes of drainage and the sinks existed in kitchens and bathrooms and it is preferred to spill boiled water in such holes from time to another .
  • Taking care of internal and external connections for inspection rooms and for drainage in orderto prevent any formation of gaps and wholes which the cockroaches may resort to .
  • Collecting the egg bags of cockroach manually from sides and angels and spoiling them with putting in to consideration to wear protective plastic gloves .


Secondly , The biological control :

  • Using the traps which are attracted and stuck for cockroaches and it composes of small tins of cartons or plastic contain a mucilaginous substance which is soft and sweetened wit sugar and  the cockroaches stuck with it and then get ridding of them with what it bears .
  • There are ready traps for cockroaches which contain attracts and sexual substances or nutritional which allow the cockroaches t enter and never get out again and may add on it the pesticides for the speed of killing it .
  • These traps are distributed in the places where the cockroaches live , and from the used traps what contain the pesticide Hider Amithleeno ( 1,75 % ) , and from possible  using the electrical traps and they composed of small box and a tablet of nutritional substance that attracts cockroaches puts inside it , when the cockroach entered to it his feet will touch the upper side of the metal box and the sensor horns will touch another upper tin , then electric shipment will stun the cockroach immediately .


Thirdly , The Chemical  Control :

  • Using the powder  of boric acid in wet places which the cockroaches live in and this acid affected the insect as a stomach toxic and slow in effectiveness and it has toxins effect on animals and distinguished also of being repellent for cockroaches at it gives it a large field for using as nutritional graft .
  • Using silica powder gel individually or mixed with other  Albertherinah pesticides such as Bermthon ( 0.5 % ) as it works to absorb some covered candles for covering skin as it results the death of dryness or the impact of the pesticide mixed with it and distinguished with silica gel powder of being non – toxic for animals .
  • Spraying the places which contains the cockroaches with the pesticides with remaining impact .

And in order to make the style of spraying is highly effective , it is preferable to have rousing impact on cockroaches ( repellent – panic ) .  




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