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Ants is a very small insect from 2 : 25 millimeters and it has a big head typically with the size of its body and also has oval abdomen and a small...
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Ants is a very small insect from 2 : 25 millimeters and it has a big head typically with the size of its body and also has oval abdomen and a small waist , nonetheless it is a very great architect that builds castles , forts , rooms , mazes , warehouses etc. ….

Ants :- Today, there are more than ten thousands of ants all over the world , and all these kinds live in organized communities cooperate and build . the jaw of the ant is very strong and when it closes it on the prey a sound of click is heard and recorded through the sensitive instruments , so scientists said that the speed of closing the jaw of the ants is most rapid than any animal on the earth .


Description :

Ants is a very small insect from 2 : 25 millimeters and it has a big head typically with the size of its body and also has oval abdomen and a small waist , nonetheless it is a very great architect that builds castles , forts , rooms , mazes , warehouses etc. ….

The ants are considered on of membranous wings types and it have six feet and represent 20 % of living organisms on the earth .

The living :

The ants are living in nests underground and in rooms connected with each others and because of that , they don't need to wings and replace them with movement and activity , and none of the ants fly except queens and males in marriage flight .

The description of ants colony :

The most of ants are from the class of maids and they are the most widespread in the world , and all of them are females live in what we called colonies , each colony has one queen , its work is to put eggs as for the males of ants , their work is restricted on marriage only in the vaccination of the queen .

This insect is very friendly and can't live individually at all and the number of the eggs which the queen puts is differed according to the type of the ant and it ranges from several hundreds to several millions , the queen of the African type of ants puts about from 3 : 4 millions egg monthly .

The ants are considered one of the longest-lived insects on the earth as it lives from months to several years , and the age of the queen may reach to 20 years .

The ants have sharp senses for touch , smell and taste also the centers of these senses are spread on all parts of the body and concentrated on sensor horns , the ant is uses this horns to examine things and to transfer the information among the members of the colony , and there are 50 kind only among the types of ants which its connection with the activity of human is known as it is a dangerous pest to the fields and garden all over the world , it also lives inside the houses and wood .

The food :

The ants are successful insects in the urban areas because it has the ability to use any kind of foods as it eats the vegetables and animals materials and the most of them prefer the food rich with sugars , carbohydrates , oil and proteins and some of them prey other insects and spiders , and a lot kinds of ants visit trees to collect the nectar and the honey dew which secreted by aphids and insightful sucking insects and the maids of the ants don't eat the solid food but it uses the upper strong jaws to crush it .

The members of ants denomination :

The denomination of the ants are divided to classes and they are the maids , males and queens , and each of them performs certain tasks .

The maids :

The maids is the largest part of the colony , and the maid of ants without wings with big heads and their eyes are shorthanded to a large extent and it can sting in some kinds , and the maids perform the most of the colony tasks including collecting foods and taking care of the non adults of ants , cleaning and protecting the nest . The maids is non fertile females and their life extended from several months to several years and in some kinds such as wood ants the maids are with big size and others with small size , the large maids will remove the stones from the corridors and defend on the nest but the small will collect the food and take care of it in front of the types which their maids with one size so the work is divided according to the age , and the maids of the ants are females with atrophic genitalia , without wings with big heads and their eyes are shorthanded to a large extent and it and they taking care of young ants with careful attention as it feeds , cleans and licks them continuously , and there is a kind of private resumption between the maid and the larva with different kinds of foods and the larva responds and secretes drops of saliva or another secretion which the ants suck .

The genital individuals :

The males and the queens :  the queen is vaccinated for only one time but puts the eggs till the end of its life and it lives from ( 1 : 15 years ) according to its type , and the maids will clean and live with them , some classes have more than one queen and may reach from 10 : 30 queen and the male will live for a short period after the vaccination of the queen also in some kinds of males and queens with weak flying , the vaccination process will occur in the nest or on the surface of earth outside the nest .

The non adult phases : ( eggs – larvae – virgins ) , the queen will put very little eggs then the maid will take it to somewhere in the nest as it takes care of larvae and virgins after hatching , and in case of danger which threatened the nest , it transfers it to a safe place .


How the ants multiply and layering system ?

The formation of a colony ( class ) of the ants will occur by two ways , the first through the vaccination of new queen during flying or through swarming process and that happened in the air , and it is almost happened between the different members of colony and the vaccinated queen will descend after marriage to the earth again , and the first thing that it will do after descending is to free it self from its wings by moving them forward and backward or through scrubbing them in plants and by tightening them by its feet and jaws till breaking them and changing its instincts and then stay away of day light and hurried to descend under ground and the queen is vaccinated for one time enough for it during its life and specialized its life after that for putting eggs and leave all other tasks for maids , these tasks includes all the needs of the nest and the queen is living along and specialized subsequently a group of maids to assume the task of feeding the young ants and taking care of them through a liquid coming from their mouth .


Some types of ants : -

1 – The acrobatic Ants :

      This type is called acrobatic because of the adhesion of the belly when an inconvenience is occurred to the ants and the belly is similar to the shape of heart , this type is feeding on sugars and proteins and living on the branches of trees which is next to the buildings , wires , cables and the edges of the upper buildings , it is also live in wood which filled the external walls .


2 – The crazy ants ( rapid ) :

      This type is distinguished with the long feet and sensor horns , and called crazy ants because of the its speed of running without any feeling of directions upon feeling with inconvenience and it lives on floors and around building , under wood , stone , wastes and the piles , it is also lives in the dark areas and green surfaces around the trees which located next to the buildings and the wooden ceilings , in addition to its living in the planted land and the pots of plants , under the edges of carpets through fractures and cracks .


3 – The fire ants :

      This type is called fire ants because of the impact of the painful sting and it prefers to build the nests on the floor  inside the woods of buildings especially in the areas of the warm around stoves near kitchens under the stones , the land which surrounded the trees and grass , the boxes of connecting electricity , the instruments of conditions , the connections of water and gas inside buildings and the food which rich with protein is preferred ( vegetables and animals ) and insulating materials of telephones and electric cables , seeds , honey secretions from the insects , animals oil and nuts .


4 - Pavement ants :

      This type is called pavement ants because of the existence of the colony inside or around crevices in the pavements and its life cycle last from 36 : 63 day and the winged insects ( winged ants ) , this activity is increased during the months of June and July or inside the buildings in winter , the colonies may exist in walls or inside the insulting materials or under shelves or in warm areas in winters also it may locate under stones in crevices inside pavements which face the building through crevices in walls and in concrete blocks for buildings as it feeds on  insects , honey secretions , the roots of plants , meat , nuts and milk products , honey , bread and fats .


5 -  The Pharaoh ants   :

      This type is distinguished with being to small from1.5 : 2 millimeter and is feeding on sweets , sugar , juices , jelly , pies , fats and oils and it did not appear outside in cold whether near  hot pipes around the sinks as this type prefers the hot and wet places in kitchens , bathroom , the frames of windows and around the pools of fish , on tables of kitchens , behind fridges , stoves , inside the pipes of electric wires .

6 – The thief ants :

      This type is distinguished with being to small such as pharaoh ants and it feeds on the larvae and food of other kinds of ants and prey the incompletes classes of the other insects also it feeds on dead insects , fats and seeds , also  it may live near the colonies of other kinds of ants and steel the larvae for feeding the colony and it may live inside the sheets of walls and inside the cupboard around the sinks and basins around electric wire inside the house and the walls near the windows and balconies under the stones .

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