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The behavior : The rodents and mice have baffled the specialists in Animal Psychology as they spent  long years in studying the rats and mice...
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The rodents ( Mice )

The behavior :

The rodents and mice have baffled the specialists in Animal Psychology as they spent  long years in studying the rats and mice of laboratories to identify their behaviors and in spite of the importance of these experiments , but it did not present the whole clarification the behaviors of wild and free types , especially those who are specialized with gathering , separating , and choosing paths .

The life of mice and knowing the direction and the movement :  

The rodents and mice enjoy with a large ability in remembering and impressionism , as the mice is discovering any changes in the environment which it lives on , as the mice examines the new casual things whether with solid bodies or lax bodies or a foods that are not put before in this places , and it will taste it carefully and follow the emerges scents of these bodies .

The rodents keep perfectly the escape paths and the holes which it was used to escape through , and this characteristic is considered a main point in the arts of controlling mice or rodents in general , as if  a path of the known paths of the rodents , or the exit hole of the path which the rodents used to get out upon are closed , however the rodents will gather to go out through the same hole even it was closed with solid body , and this characteristic is exploited by the controllers in putting the toxic grafts or traps .

The nutritional behavior of rats :

The rodents have exclusive characteristic than other animals , and it the subject of tasting with non killing samples from a donor of the existed class and it depended on the graft and the toxicity and the supervision of the donor before having the new food the rodents did not have the characteristic of vomiting , so if the taste , smell and the benefit of the food is good , the group will eat it directly . so the philosophy of controlling mice or rodents requires the non mixing of poisons with nutritional substance ( graft ) for three days , then the spread group will go for it directly , the poisons might be mixed using gloves so as not to leave any scent of man on it , also the rodents pull its food as a packages to form a pile of it near the rodents , to eat the freely , so the exploit of these piles after gathering by rodents eases the process of control .

The social behaviors for the mice :

That means the method which the rodents live through including its groupings and leadership and it differs from type to another and from environment to another , and it depend on the quantity of food and when the food become rare , the group dismiss the weak males from the region and determine the areas of power through certain secretion as urine or from special glands . there is a method identified with crying as the region of power will be confined with ultrasounds which heard some where .    

Dynamic aggregates residential :

This definition is too important in the technologies of controlling mice and rodents and it means the desire of reproduction or not for the rodents in somewhere as when the populations exceeds above the normal average , the desire of rodents will returned back , and when the reduction of population occurred and the food exceeds the desire increased .

The Epidemic impact of rodents :

The modern science proved that some diseases will be transferred through rodents such as (Salmonella and plague and hemorrhagic fever and hepatitis etc… ) .

The rodents are a dangerous pests for the man and plant as it transfer more epidemic disease and damage the stores and printers and ware houses and it also affect the economy greatly for the owner of the institution .

The types of rodents and the places of spread :

1 – the house rat :

It exceeds in houses, offices and restaurants , with small size , its weight from 12 : 30 gram , jump and run rapidly to 30 cm , the stool is too small and very small and non regularly , its long from 3 : 6 mm .

The Norwegian rat :

It called the rate of drainage or the brown rat or the rat of wet places , spread all over the world and it found a lot in cities , its weight from 200 : 500 gram , it color brown mixed with grey , its long from 18 : 27 cm like jumping and swimming .

The field rat :

It builds its terriers in fields and his activity at night , its movement is slow , clever at swimming , causes great damages for plants , feeds on wheat , corn lentils , potatoes , sun flower etc .. , its weight about 20 gram with silver black color , did deeply from 20 : 60 cm , its activity begins after sunrise , reproduce rapidly .

The general characteristics of rodents :

It eats its food with a pair of cutters existed on the upper and lower jaws , this cutters grow continuously during all the period of life and may long to 3 meter annually , if it left without sharpening and that obliged it to cut some metals like aluminum and wires to sharpen it and it uses that for defending himself and for digging and transferring food .

The vision :

The rodents can't distinguish colors or the light and darkness m and follow the movement through accurate hearing to avoid hazards .

The taste :

Similar to man .

The smell :

Very developed sense and through it the males will be attracted to females .

The touch :

The mustaches end with sensuality and nerve sensors as an important way to know the size of the terrier and to transmit in darkness between paths .

The control of rats :

  • you can control rats through traps which the grafts puts in , with taking care upon touching , because rats smell the scent of man and prevent its exit .
  • you can put the herb of chamomile in the places which the rats live in so they will escape from this scent as it hates it .
  • using poison but it need the extreme caution .   
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