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Flea small insect misdemeanor does not live on mammals and birds , and suck her blood to feed it. Fleas are insects harmful to gravity , because they can transmit the bacteria that cause plague and typhus ; any fever Petechial . Fleas take disease germs absorbing the blood of mice and other rodents carrying the infection . And transmitting the disease when it bites another animal .

Two aspects of the flea sides are flattened , and the head is smaller than the rest of the body . Flea and helps shape and strong legs Skipjack on slide quickly and easily through the hair or feathers of the host animal to absorb the blood.

Fleas live on the blood of humans , cats , dogs , rats , birds, horses , poultry, rabbits , and many of the predators. And a few of them confined to one particular animal . But most of them move quickly from animal to man, and from animal to another. And leave when the host dies , so it should find blood to feed it.

Fleas strong and a great ability to leapfrog its size . Scientists have found that the fleas that live on humans can jump a distance of more than 30 cm . As fleas can play some tricks and ploys such as rickshaw pullers minute. Highlights Circus Fleas difference of fleas has trained for such tricks .

Types of fleas.

Many types of fleas numbering more than 1600, including the human flea Pulex irritans and rat flea Xenopsylla cheopis and flea Chtenocephalides conis dog and rabbit flea Cediopsilla simplex and chicken flea Echinophaga gallinacea.

Whatever the type of the female fleas lay eggs , including white -colored and shiny, Qatar , each 0.5 mm approx . And choose to put the host usually furniture or dusty areas of the corners of rooms or burrows , which is home to the host . The egg hatches in a few days for the worm larva form a length of approximately 1.5 mm , consisting of 13 pieces with a brown head and body pale , and the larva useless eyes and equipped Bashoakat able to crawl and mobility. They avoid light, and fed organic materials encountered Kpraz host Oouhrashvh or skin Almtvelsh and only that.

The larva moult three times in nine days , to turn into a pupa ( Virgin ) , woven silk cocoon around itself is inside the formal shift in a week , turns into an insect pupa after a full graduated from the cocoon , seeking to livelihood . And so is the flea life cycle in three weeks under appropriate environmental conditions , note that the flea live full length ranged between 12-18 months are mating between males and females after a few days on the exit of Hrangaha . Nor female lays eggs usually only after receiving an adequate dose of the blood of the host.

The length of the fashionable European flea , human flea or about 3 mm . There in the folds of clothing , and can live a year or more . Fleas lay their eggs around the house instead of Elsagah in clothes, grubs and larvae -like precision , and when you grow up looking for a host . Some people attracts fleas more than others , and some of them will be sensitive to these stinging insects, so that the skin becomes inflamed stinging in the area .

There are other so-called flea Althijo , and native to South America , but it has spread in Africa and many of the temperate regions . Female Althijo and inserted into the skin of the host to lay their eggs ; then ulcers occur in the skin , so it should be removed first flea treatment if the soreness .

The fleas that live on rats , cats and dogs are dangerous and harmful insects ; Bearing this flea eggs too much white color is very small in size on the body of animals or places in her sleep . When the eggs hatch , the larvae crawl to bed and to be cracks in the floors that role. The fall in the dust Hernqatha then appear about two weeks after full insects .

Prevention of fleas

The regular hygiene and proper care for humans and pets the best ways to prevent fleas. Knit dogs that should carry fleas and cleaned a kind of soap that contains an appropriate insecticide . And leads the league regular cleaning of animals such types of soap to kill insects . Can pet owners protect their animals as well as to change places and furnished her sleep constantly . They can eliminate the larvae by spraying insecticide places animals .

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